Plain or Spiced with Delicious Chutneys

Mixed Kebab

Three assorted kebab sheekh, lamb & chicken tikka.

Sheekh Kebab

Spiced minced lamb, grilled on a skewer in a clay oven

Chicken Tikka

Breast chicken lightly marinated and grilled on charcoal

Onion Bhajee V

Onion pastry with gram flour, cumin and coriander

Veg Samosa V

Pastry pancake stuffed with vegetables

Lamb Samosa

Pastry pancake stuffed with tender minced lamb

Chicken Pakora

Golden, crispy parcel of lightly spiced chicken

Prawn or Chicken Puree

Tender prawns or shredded chicken breast in rich sauce served on puree bread

Jhinga Sweet’n Sour Puri

Fresh King Prawns in rich sweet & sour sauce served on Puri bread

Aloo Tikki V

Lightly spiced potato cakes, in fresh herbs, mint leaves, ground coriander and pan fried
Monsoon Selected Starters


Reshami Chicken

Fillet of chicken spiced in mint, garlic, and mustard. Served with spicy capsicum & onion

Chargrill Fish

Mackerel Marinated In Green Herbs And Spices Grilled Over Charcoal

Salmon Samosa

Pan fried salmon slightly spiced, deep fried in pastry pan cake

Stuffed Potato Skins

Stuffed with lightly marinated shredded chicken breast or lamb mince

Bombay Wrap

Fillets Of Chicken Tikka, Cooked In Medium Sweet Spice With Peppers And Onions. Wrapped In Tortilla Style Bread

Monsoon Bites

Salmon samosa, lamb samosa & vegetable samosa

Lamb Chops

Chops marinated in ginger paste, fresh herbs & spices, hung yoghurt and onion paste, cooked in clay oven.

Mix Chatt Masala

Diced Chicken, Paneer Cheese, Chick Peas SaUteed With Chopped Onion Fritters, Lemon & Tamarind Juice, Garnished In Chatt Masala

Nimki V

Self raising bread, lightly pan fried served with tikka masala sauce

Goan Fish Cakes

White fish minced in light fresh spices, tossed in red/green peppers & mushrooms

Nargis Kebab

Boiled egg covered with spiced lamb mince, deep fried and covered with fried egg

PLEASE NOTE If you have any food or drink allergies or intolerances, please speak to a member of our team before placing your order.  Our kitchen uses ingredients that do or may contain the 14 notifiable allergens (cereals containing glutens, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soya beans, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame, suplates, lupin and molluscs).  All fish dishes may contain bones. Every effort is made to minimise the risk of cross-contamination of ingredients but this cannot be guaranteed.