Traditional Dishes

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Chicken Tikka

Lamb Tikka

King Prawn

Fresh VegV



Very mild and creamy, with almond, sultanas and coconuts. Recommended for beginners.


Chunky cut onions and capsicum simmered in medium strength gravy


A popular dish cooked in a thick sauce with finely chopped onions, tomatoes and flavoured with green herbs.


Sweet and sour sauce with tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs. A popular dish.


A Parsee dish, from western India. Combination of red lentil and chana sauce with fresh pineapple. Producing a sweet and sour sauce.

Vindaloo •••

A highly seasoned dish cooked in a sauce of red chilis, garlic, tamarind, and spices. Not for the faint hearted, this is Monsoon’s rocket fuel!

Madras ••

Fairly hot curry sauce with roasted spices, garlic, ginger, tamarind and lemon juice.

Rogan Josh

Originates from province of Kashmir. A rich bhuna style sauce complimented with freshly cooked tomato and coriander salsa


Cooked with cumin and fresh spinach leaves, lightly stir-fried.


Cooked with fresh vegetables, medium hot.

Ceylon ••

Cooked with lemon to give a tangy and hot mouth watering taste.


Originated from south India, cooked with mango yoghurt, coconut to give a tropical flavour.


Garnished with herbs and slices of spiced potatoes, cooked in medium sauce, simmered over slow heat.

Monsoon Collection

Chef selected dishes prepared in Monsoon’s signature style

Roasted Red Chilli & Garlic Karahi 

Chicken or Lamb. Roasted chilli, fenugreek and garlic in a spicy curry sauce

Monsoon Flower

Minced lamb, marinated chicken in fresh herbs & spices, cooked with a little sweetcorn

Mumbai Rustica

Roasted red peppers, vine tomatoes, new potatoes cook in a delicious tandoori sauce ( Chicken / Lamb / Paneer Cheese)

Chicken / Lamb Jalfrezi 

Chicken or Lamb. Marinated with pepper, onion, fresh herbs and rich spices

Indian Summer

Tender chicken, lamb and king prawns, simmered in tomatoes, onion and mixed spices

Murghi Keema

Marinated chicken, stir fried with minced lamb, simmered in medium spices and aromatic herbs

Gost Rajasthan 

Lamb cooked in light tangy and hot sauce with chilli, ginger and olives

Lal Kumro

Chicken or Lamb. A classic dish from North Bengal. Tastefully spiced with a variety of herbs & spices, cooked with sweet red pumpkin

Chicken Tikka Masalla Mild

Cooked in ground almonds, coconut flour and cream, mild and creamy sauce

Makhani Chicken Mild

Succulent Chicken Tikka cook in aromatic and rich fenugreek flavoured tomato sauce

Lamb / Chicken Passanda Mild

Mildly spiced with cream, garnished with a rich mild sauce
Balti Dishes

Chicken Balti

Chicken Mushroom Balti

Chicken Chilli Balti 

Chicken Spinach Balti

Chicken Potato Balti

Chicken Chickpea Balti

Chicken / Lamb Tikka Balti

Chefs Mix Balti

Vegetable Balti V

Lamb / Prawn Balti

Lamb / Prawn Mushroom Balti

Lamb / Prawn Chilli Balti 

Lamb / Prawn Spinach Balti

Lamb / Prawn Potato Balti

Lamb / Prawn Chickpea Balti

King Prawn Balti

King Prawn Jalfrezi Balti

Tandoori Dishes

Tandoori Mixed Grill

Assorted Kebabs, Sheekh, Lamb, Chicken & Tandoori Chicken

Chicken Shashlick

Marinated chicken cooked with green pepper, onions and tomatoes

Chicken Tikka

Chicken breast lightly marinated and grilled on charcoal

Lamb Tikka

Lamb marinated and grilled on charcoal

Tandoori King Prawn

Fresh King Prawn, marinated and grilled on charcoal

Tandoori Chicken

Half a chicken, marinated and grilled on charcoal

Lamb Chops

Marinated lamb chops cooked in a clay oven

Prepared with Basmati rice, cooked with green herbs, pure butter & spices. Served with a delicious vegetable sauce.

Chicken Biryani

Lamb Biryani

Prawn Biryani

King Prawn Biryani

Vegetable Biryani V

Chicken / Lamb Tikka Biryani

Chef’s Special Biryani

Vegetable Dishes

All our vegetarian mains are also available as sides

Aloo Gobi

Potatoes and cauliflower

Aloo Bengan

Aubergine and potatoes lightly spiced

Bhindi Bhajee

Okra in peppers and onions

Bombay Potatoes

Spicy dry potatoes

Panir Sabji

Cooked with fresh vegetables & roasted paneer

Channa Massala

Chickpeas cooked with medium spices

Mushroom Bhajee

Mushrooms, pan fried with mix spices

Sag Bhajee

Spinach, cooked over slow heat

Bengan Bhajee

Mild spiced aubergines cooked over slow heat

Sag Aloo Bhajee

Spinach and potatoes

Sag Panir

Spicy spinach and cottage cheese

Tarka Daal

Medium spiced lentils fried with garlic

Vegetable Bhajee

Mixed Vegetables

PLEASE NOTE If you have any food or drink allergies or intolerances, please speak to a member of our team before placing your order.  Our kitchen uses ingredients that do or may contain the 14 notifiable allergens (cereals containing glutens, crustaceans, eggs, fish, peanuts, soya beans, milk, nuts, celery, mustard, sesame, suplates, lupin and molluscs).  All fish dishes may contain bones. Every effort is made to minimise the risk of cross-contamination of ingredients but this cannot be guaranteed.